You can buy an adapter for the Sunpie headlight to connect to the Ural’s spotlight, or you can cut the Sunpie’s plug and hardwire it into the factory wiring. If you do, keep in mind that the wiring colors may not match your expectations.

One of the first things I do on all of my vehicles is upgrade the lights. If the vehicle already has projectors, drop-in LED or HiD replacement bulbs are straightforward. If the vehicle does not have projectors (like the Ural), then I also replace the housings.

Sunpie makes knockoffs of the Harley Davidson Daymaker™ LED headlamp assemblies. Their 5 3/4″ model fits the Ural factory spotlight. I bought it for $40 delivered on Amazon Prime.

Installation is pretty easy: there is a bolt at the 6 o’clock position. Remove it with a standard head screwdriver. The retaining ring pops off and then up. The factory headlamp assembly should come out with little or no trouble.

The issue is wiring up the light.

Decisions, decisions

My light came with a 3-pronged, male H4 adapter. The Ural has a simple positive and negative wire, with the negative wire grounding right into the spotlight assembly.

You can either buy an adapter for the H4 plug, or you can cut off the H4 plug, remove some of the sheath around the bundled wires, and wire it directly to the existing factory wires.

I chose the latter.

You can see the decapitated green H4 adapter in the lower left of this photo.

You must decide if you want to wire the spot to run low beam or high beam. The low beam is a single projector, high beam is both. If you want to toggle between low beam and high beam, you’ll have to install another switch. Since this was a spotlight, not a marker or running light, I did high beam only.

My particular housing came with always-on marker LEDs. I don’t think they’re useful when the spotlight is on. You could wire them to run when the main headlight is on, but that was more effort than I was willing to put forth. I did not wire these.

I don’t think that means what you think it means

On my headlamp, the black wire is not the ground wire.

  • Blue: ground wire
  • Black: high beam
  • Yellow: low beam
  • Red: marker lights

I spent quite some time troubleshooting my install because the light wouldn’t turn on. I thought I had a bad connection, or that I needed to wire both the blue and the yellow (erroneously assumed high and low) together, etc.

I finally wired the assembly to a battery pack and found out that the blue wire is the ground.



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