Asking for help with mental health may be impossible for a man whose identity is grounded in self-reliance and toughness. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and the Movemeber Foundation are changing mental health outreach. Your donation could help someone you love — or maybe even yourself.

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Every year, on the day of their passings, I commemorate friends and family members who have committed suicide.

Every year, someone steps forward for the first time to share an experience they’ve had, whether it be the death of someone they know, or that they think about suicide for themselves.

Without moments like these, it appears that everything is “fine” in my peer group.

But the reality is, it isn’t. Not for many of us, and perhaps not for most of us.

For some men, I think the biggest hurdle to getting help is the stigma of being “too weak” to solve a mental and/or emotional issue by ourselves.

A part of my social circle is focused on self preparedness and physical competence. We spend a great deal of time and money improving ourselves, becoming stronger, and more proficient. We are well-established in the corporate world, or cops, or EMTs, or in the military. We are the ones people go to when they need help. We are the ones who solve problems, not the ones who have problems.

To acknowledge that we are also suffering inside, and also need help, could be interpreted as the antithesis of who we are.

If we want to reduce suicides and the cascading damage they cause, we must reinvent  the outreach to those who need it.

That’s why I’m asking you to help us reach our stretch goal of $1500. I believe that the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and the Movember Foundation are doing the right thing by exploring new, different ways to reach men about mental and physical health.

Any amount will help. $5, $20, $50. By contributing, you are helping by acknowledging that this issue is worthy enough to be “A Cause™,” and by that recognition alone you are helping to remove some of the secrecy and stigma around men’s mental health.

Thank you. It means a lot to me.


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