I decide to buy a second Ural while my 2017 GearUp is being rebuilt. I will sell the “like new” 2017 once repairs are completed later this fall.

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“There’s never enough time.”

In general, there isn’t enough time to do everything we want to do. Things change, opportunities pass us by, people die.

One of the driving factors of my life is to reduce the number of times I think, “I wish I had done ….”

G-Unit becomes a teenager next year. Who knows what kind of person he will choose to be. For example, right now he loves being around us and doing things with us.

While it’s not guaranteed, I expect this to change.

That means we’re in a race to instill and encourage as many good attributes before he starts to become more independent. Travel, physical exercise, trying different foods, solving his own problems, kinship, sportsmanship, reading, and more.

The Ural enables a lot of those behaviors.

The scope of repairs to my 2017 Ural GearUp and the resulting time required to make those repairs meant our family wouldn’t be able to ride during the best parts of the season. To be without a sidecar at this critical time of the year, at this critical point in his life, carried a huge opportunity cost I wasn’t willing to accept.

I decided to buy a second Ural.

My 2018 Ural GearUp with the Sahara premium paint and blacked out engine will arrive no later than the end of this month.

I’m going to have to put in some work to bring this back up to where my 2017 was:

  • sidecar nose rack
  • sidecar fender rack
  • I replaced the headlight and spotlight with LED assemblies (look for a tutorial on replacing the spotlight soon); I’ll have to do this for the 2018’s headlight again.
  • leg guards
  • sidecar windshield
  • headlamp assembly guard

I intend to sell the 2017 once it’s rebuilt. The team at Leo’s South was well regarded by Ural, and I am confident they will do a good job.

Everything will get fixed on that bike. It’s a matter of time … but there’s never enough of it.


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