Our family has decided to participate in the Minneapolis 2018 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride on September 30. Proceeds from donations go to the Movember Foundation, which addresses prostate and testicular cancer, men’s mental health, and suicide prevention.

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I’ve had acquaintances, friends, and family members commit suicide. I don’t know if my generation is more likely to follow through with suicidal tendencies, or if we’re just more comfortable talking about it — but it seems like the number is getting higher every year. If I include people who “accidentally” overdose on drugs and alcohol that number goes up even more.

We’re proud to be participating in this year’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. After losing a ride organizer in 2016 to suicide, the DGR added men’s mental health and suicide prevention to their list of initiatives. The GDR is an official charity partner of the Movember Foundation, which focuses on prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

DGR raised the equivalent of $4.8 million USD worldwide last year from riders in 92 countries. They donate money to charities to different countries. You can find out more information on their Programs We Fund page.

We’re asking for your help to meet our $500USD pledge goal. The top person who donates will receive an America By Sidecar shirt and mug, delivered anywhere in the world. Every little bit helps, and we really appreciate it.


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