We asked the staff of Hemisphere Offroad a few questions about their company, their Ural upgrades and accessories, and their iterative, crowdsourced-based product development process. The thoughts and opinions on this blog are ours. Some links on this page lead to affiliate programs, where we are paid a commission if you buy something. Affiliate programs

You can buy an adapter for the Sunpie headlight to connect to the Ural’s spotlight, or you can cut the Sunpie’s plug and hardwire it into the factory wiring. If you do, keep in mind that the wiring colors may not match your expectations. One of the first things I do on all of my vehicles is upgrade the lights. If the vehicle already has projectors, drop-in LED or HiD replacement bulbs are straightforward. If the vehicle does not have projectors (like the Ural), then I also replace the housings. Sunpie makes knockoffs of the Harley Davidson Daymakerâ„¢ LED headlamp assemblies. Their 5 3/4″ model fits the Ural factory spotlight. I bought it for $40 delivered on Amazon Prime. Installation is pretty easy: there is a bolt at the 6 o’clock position. Remove it with a standard head screwdriver. The retaining ring pops off and then up. The factory headlamp…