After several local “cobblers” were unwilling to try resoling my Sidi OnRoad boots, I sent them to Sole Performance in California, who did a fantastic job.

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I bought my Sidi OnRoad boots in 2006. I’ve ridden at least 50,000 miles with them, if not more. I’ve worn them in temperatures ranging from 9F to 110F+. They kept my feet dry through two tropical storms, and submersion during a flood near Savannah, Georgia. I’ve walked in them for hours at a time, sometimes wearing them for full days at work when I forgot a spare pair of shoes.

While I wish they had aΒ littleΒ armor in them, they’ve been faithful companions across many bikes, states, and miles.

However, all good things come to an end, and I was faced with this:

All of that walking and holding bikes up “lefty” took its toll on the soles.

I started researching if the soles could be replaced, and they could — as long as the person doing it knew about how waterproof riding boots were constructed and had access to the appropriate replacement soles.

I contacted three cobblers / shoe repair stores around town, and none of them were willing to take on the job. I turned to my old friend and the feedback was consistent: go with Sole Performance (Factory MX Boot Resoles) out of Encinitas, California.

The process was simple — print out the order form, add your payment details, and drop the boots in the mail. My OnRoads were over 6 pounds in the packaging, and it was over $20 to send them by ground. It cost just under $100 to have them resoled and returned.

I shipped my boots out via UPS on July 5th, and they were back on July 13.

I was blown away.

Not only did Sole Performance put new Sidi soles on my boots, they also polished them up to look brand new. This is one of the main reasons I wanted someone to repair my boots. I knew that the rest of the boot was still in great shape, it just needed some help.

I do wish that they had more street / motocross style soles, but the ones they put on have enough traction for wet asphalt. I’m curious to see how they will do in the snow, as I’ll be wearing these deep into the Minnesota winter.

I’ve learned that no matter how aggressive the lugs are on a sole, it’s beneficial to wear cleats. I expect to carry some on my Ural in case I have to get out and push myself or someone else out of a snowbank.

Overall, I’m super impressed with Sole Performance, and recommend them. The ordering method is a little old school, but the quality and turnaround time is hard to beat. I would have saved about a week of time if I didn’t mess around with the local shops and went straight to SP in the first place.


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