Installing the bolt-on sidecar rear bumper from Heindl Engineering was straightforward, but it was made easier with another set of hands.

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After drilling holes in my sidecar to install the fender, the bolt-on rear bumper from Heindl Engineering was a zero stress. I recommend having a helper, as the factory bolts in the sidecar probably aren’t drilled with the most consistency from bike to bike. You may have to start tightening one end of the bumper, then do the other side, back and forth.

Here's what you'll need


  1. Remove the bottom two bolts from the rear of the sidecar.
  2. Orient the bumper so that the mounting arms angleΒ down. This is probably very obvious to you, but it wasn’t to me, and I mounted it upside down at first.
  3. Have your assistant hold the bumper in place.
  4. Affix the bumper with the first replacement bolt from Heindl. Hand tighten it until it becomes difficult to turn (just a few rotations).
  5. Attach the other side of the bumper with the second replacement bolt. Hand tighten it until it becomes difficult to turn (just a few rotations).
  6. Use the 10mm box wrench to hold the bolt in place, while your assistant uses the ratchet and 10mm socket on the inside of the trunk. TIghten approximately 1/3rd of the way.
  7. Do the same on the other end of the bumper, tightening 2/3rds of the way.
  8. Completely tighten the first end of the bumper.
  9. Finish tightening the second end of the bumper.


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