The total repair cost of my 2017 Ural GearUp is $10,500 — enough to require a lengthy service time and many replacement parts, but not enough to total it.

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I’ve been in constant communication with GEICO, Leo’s South, and Ural Pittsburgh (my selling dealer) regarding the 2017 Ural GearUp I crashed in late June.

The good news is that they’re going to pay for the repair on the bike. Nathan from Leo’s stated that I’m essentially getting a new bike back once they are finished. This is way better than just replacing the steering damper, realigning the front wheel, and hoping for the best in regards to a bent or damaged frame.

However, there are some negative elements to this outcome:

  • according to Leo’s, it can take as long as 6 weeks for the parts to arrive from the Ural factory. It may be August before work even begins. I don’t have an estimate on how long the repairs will take once the parts arrive.
  • GEICO wants a third party to repaint the sidecar instead of having a colormatched one delivered from the factory. I don’t have a choice in this.

I’m estimating that the bike will be done in late September or October. This means the GearUp is out of commission for the rest of the Minnesota riding season.


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