What happens when the older stepson has a bike tire flat several miles from home? You send the Ural Rescue Team!

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We were deep in a round of family board games and home cooked food when my older stepson Gojira messaged my wife.

“My bike has a flat rear tire, can you come get me?”

He works several miles from his house. We decided to go pick him up instead of making him walk.

I fired up the Ural, and off I went.

Securing the bike was easy. I used a small moving blanket from Harbor Freight, a piece of cardboard to make sure the paint and seat upholstery wouldn’t get damaged, and four ROK Straps (two regular sized, 18″x60″x1″ and two smaller sized ones, 12″x42″x5/8″).

I lashed the bike down with the ROK straps. I used the rack, the pillion grab handle, and the bracket between the pusher and the sidecar as anchor points. We used my motorcycle cargo net for good measure to keep the bike from bouncing up and down and wiggling.

We hit speeds up to 45MPH and the bike didn’t budget at all. One of the smaller ROK Straps failed to keep tension, but luckily my paranoia about stuff flying off of, or out of, my vehicles served me well.

That night I ordered another set of 18″x60″ Motorcycle ROK Straps. I might use the smaller ones in the future to bind luggage or bags to things already secured by the more sturdy ones.


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