Our friends at Cade Imaging wanted to do a short aerial videography project and used our Ural GearUp sidecar as their subject. We were exceptionally pleased with the result, and grateful for their time and expertise.

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In late August we met with Cade Imaging, a commercial aerial videography company here in the Twin Cities area.

Cade Imaging normally does commercial / industrial work, survey projects, and high end real estate videography. They were interested in expanding their portfolio to the vehicle segment. They also wanted to do a bit of a lifestyle piece, as they have an increasing number of social / political projects.

Our friend Bertimus helped us scout locations a few weeks prior. We selected a stretch of dirt road about 30 minutes from our home. Close enough to easily go back and forth if we forgot something, but far enough away to display the farmland that surrounds Minnesota’s largest city.

Cade Imaging wanted to get some technical footage of the Ural, as well as practice safe filming / following distances. We met at a large, unused parking lot, and did some lower speed riding.

CI brought their DJI Inspire 2 drone, which is the largest consumer drone offered by DJI that can still be taken on a passenger airplane (the restriction is in the battery size). The Inspire 2 is a huge upgrade over my Mavic Pro, with removable lenses, a very robust gimbal, articulating arms, and of course a much larger price tag. 😉

After that, we headed to our dirt road location. The weather was windy and overcast. We were worried about rain, and CI was concerned about the wind (up to 20MPH at times), but we continued on.

Near the end of the day, the clouds broke, and we got this shot:

We had an incredibly fun time. We are also really grateful for the time and expertise of Cade Imaging. They shot several hours of footage, and edited it down to a 90 second video.

Editing is the most painful part of post-production for me ; I had over 20 hours of footage from the 2018 Distinguished Gentleman’s ride that I cut down to less than 4 minutes.

We hope to do another project with Cade Imaging soon — give them a shout if you need aerial videography and please tell them we sent you.

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