$10 may seem like a lot for an action cam mount, but the Tackform aluminum threaded mount is well worth the money. I bought 3.

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One of the nice things about the family of action cameras made by Yi (4K+, 4K, Lite) is that they are threaded for 1/4 – 20 bolts. This is the same thread pitch as “real” cameras, and as such I can get compatible mounts for my Sony RX 100 mk 3 point and shoot camera. This is particularly helpful for tripods and selfie sticks, but also for weird mounts that I’ll review at a later time.

Waterproof cases for these Yi cameras are compatible with GoPro mounts, which is another bonus. I have a lot of these mounts, including helmet mounts, handle bar mounts, a chest rig, and head straps from other projects, so the cross over is appreciated.

I also use RAM mounts on my Ural, because they are exceptionally sturdy and the material used slightly dampens vibration.

The trick is that the RAM 1/4 – 20 pitch ball mount sucks for cameras because it doesn’t have a tightening dial. This means I have to use the more sturdy RAM -> GoPro mount, which in turn meant I’d have to put the Yi camera in the plastic waterproof enclosure. I don’t like the audio and video distortion that happens by putting a camera in the case, so I looked into GoPro to 1/4 – 20 adapters.

Long story short, all of the plastic ones, including the official ones from GoPro, suck. They often have weaknesses in the “teeth” that mesh them together with other GoPro mounting pieces. Three adapters broke due to tightness and vibration. The best plastic adapter didn’t have an adjustment wheel (just like the RAM mount), so I either had to be happy with the final orientation of the camera once I screwed it tight, or bolted on other adapters which would allow me to adjust the position of the camera.

I was reluctant to spend $10 on a single mount when I needed so many (at least 3), and plastic ones were inexpensive by comparison. However, I also needed something robust, that was adjustable, and trustworthy.

I tried the Tackform aluminium action cam mount, and I was very impressed.

The Tackform mount is well made. It fits easily with other Go Pro-compatible accessories, including the RAM to Go Pro mounts that I use on my Ural.

There is an oversized, dimpled adjustment knob on the bottom that secures the camera in place. I usually rotate the camera 2 or 3 times, and then finish with the adjustment knob — but you can also completely thread the bolt into the Yi camera if you want.

The Tackform mount also has a slightly raised, rubberized surface to keep the action camera from rotating. I have other mounts that don’t have this, and over time they rotate loose from the Ural’s vibration.

The mount’s aren’t perfect, however. One of them doesn’t always rotate cleanly — it gets “stuck,” and I have to loosen it and then retighten. It’s almost as if there’s something slightly off with one of the threads, but not so much that it binds and strips out.

Overall, I’m glad I bought these, and recommend them. I’ve ridden on dirt roads, traveled at highway speeds, and have been impressed with their ability to stay tight.


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