A mother and her three children rode their Ural from coast to coast in the United States, and also visited Canada. Here are some tips from her about making a long distance travel in a sidecar.

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What is the most important tip you would give to a family planning a Ural trip with kids?

I would have taken warmer layers for riding at night. It always gets colder than I think it will. I also would have put the food cooler on the outside of our rig instead of buried in the foot well. It was hard to get to and I ended up buying more snacks than I needed to for the kids. I wish we had an outlet in our sidecar to charge things as we went.

What did you do to keep your children from getting bored / antsy?

To keep the kids busy… Well, I didn’t actually do much while we were driving. I made them enjoy the trip like I had to when I was young – look around and take in the sights.

I did promise them little souvenirs when we went to cool places and show them all the progress we were making on the map as we went. When there was something silly or cool, I would pull over to show them when I could.

What were the logistics like for traveling with three children? Did you rotate positions with the kids?

The kids switched off positions, but mostly wanted to be in the sidecar, so I had to sometimes bribe one of them to stay behind me for a while. I used a really cool harnesses to keep the rider strapped to me and they even fell asleep sometimes.

Did you have any helmet comms to talk to each other? If not, how did you communicate?

I did NOT have them connected on the headsets this time and it was the best decision I think I made!! I listened to audiobooks and directions while they enjoyed the ride and left me to it! We worked out hand signals for needs, but since we had to stop every 100 miles or so, we mostly took care of it at those times. 🙂

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