Riding a Ural on the street with underinflated tires can have disastrous results. The factory inner tubes slowly leak air, and don’t assume the previous owner or dealership properly inflated the tires. Check your tire pressure at regular intervals.

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Tire pressure is important for all motorcycles, but especially so for a Ural.

I take responsibility for crashing my 2017 Ural in June of 2018. I failed to check the tire pressure on my new motorcycle, and as a result the bike veered suddenly and violently into incoming traffic and off the road. The front tire was 23PSI, and the rear tire and sidecar tire were 30PSI.

For 2017 and 2018 GearUp motorcycles, Ural recommends 32PSI for the front and sidecar tires, and 36PSI for the rear “pusher” tire.

Always check the tire pressure when you take delivery of the Ural, regardless of it’s new or not. My 2018 was also underflated (30PSI all the way around).

Protect yourself, and your bike. Repairs from crashing a Ural can be expensive and time consuming. My 2017 will run about $6500USD, as of this writing, my motorcycle isn’t fully repaired, over 3 months later.

Here’s my routine for checking tire pressure:

  1. Check the tire pressure on your Ural when you receive it. Don’t assume the tire pressure is correct from the previous owner or dealership.
  2. Check the tire pressure every month. The tubes on my 2018 lose 1PSI every month. Apparently this is normal, according to Ural forum Soviet Steeds.
  3. Check the tire pressure before setting out on a longer journey, especially if you have passengers. My wife, and 12-year old stepson, ride with me. The accident I had could have been much worse if they were with me at the time.
  4. Check the tire pressure during any regular maintenance. I checked mine when I did the first service interval on my 2018.

Do you check your Ural tires on a regular basis? Have you experimented with pure nitrogen in your tires?


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