My new 2018 Ural GearUp in the Sahara color with black engine was delivered Sunday by Ural of Pittsburgh. This will be my replacement for my Bronze Metallic 2017, which will be sold once its repairs are complete.

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Richard, the owner of Ural Pittsburgh, personally delivered my 2018 Ural GearUp this Sunday. It was good to see him again; I just wish it was under different circumstances. 🙂

As expected, the test ride was fine. I took G-Unit out immediately — I’m not sure who missed the Ural more, me or him.

I won’t have plates until later today, so we couldn’t give it a proper welcome, but we zipped around our neighborhood for about a half hour. I hadn’t put the sidecar windscreen on yet, and he replied that it didn’t make much difference at our speeds (about 35MPH and under).

I found the transmission to be way smoother on the 2018. I was pleased at how easily I could get into and out of neutral and reverse. I think part of it might be my growing familiarity with the way Urals work, but I also think there may be an improvement from this model year to my last bike.

My local dealership, Leo’s South, is real busy this time of year. Even though the bike only has 20 miles on the odometer, I’m going to book my first service with them as soon as possible. I imagine that by the time they can work on my bike I’ll be at the 500km mark anyway.

Next steps: install the accessories I reclaimed from my 2017, and install the spotlight I purchased from Ural Pittsburgh. I’m not super comfortable about drilling into my brand new bike, but if other people can do it, so can I.

Hopefully the weather will hold, and we’ll get some good riding time in this evening and throughout the rest of the week.


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