The parts for my crashed 2017 Ural GearUp have yet to arrive, five months after leaving it at my servicing dealer.

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I called my servicing dealer last Thursday to see if the parts for my 2017 Ural GearUp had arrived yet. The bike has been there for five months, and they are still waiting on some things in order to get started.

The most important missing piece is the frame. Given the nature of my crash, both the dealer and my insurance company decided that the frame needed replacing. Until this critical piece arrives, there’s no point in rebuilding the front end.

I also don’t know if the sidecar has been removed and sent off for repainting — another bad decision GEICO made that contributed to me canceling my policy with them.

I’m frustrated by the delay, and the lack of urgency from all parties involved. I’m going to try contacting Ural headquarters to see if there’s anything they can do to help move things along.

I’m also hopeful that they’ll extend my factory warranty — a quarter of it has been eaten up while my 2017 sits at the dealer. The engine isn’t even broken in yet.

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